Picture of Pebble, owner of Maid by Pebble
A smile.
You will always see Pebble smiling, whether you are meeting her for the first time or whether you see her in town with her family. She is always providing a helping hand to others in need. Pebble started Maid by Pebble so she can fulfill her passion of helping others improve their quality of life. As a proud mother of two little ones, she fully understands how busy life can be. Pebble is proud to provide a flexible, locally owned, cleaning service that can be tailored to best fit your needs. Pebble brings years of experience cleaning residential and commercial facilities, as well as experience teaching deaf children with multiple disabilities. Pebble is happy to teach and share cleaning tips. Your home will be left clean and smelling fresh. Nothing gives Pebble greater joy to have her clients end the day with a smile.
A brush.
Gregg is responsible for each brush stroke of the design and marketing of Maid by Pebble. With years of experience in marketing large companies and designing new products for clients, Gregg is no stranger when it comes to developing a great product. Gregg enjoys communicating and educating Clients about the services that Maid by Pebble provides. Like Pebble, Gregg is always seeking new ways to improve the quality of life in homes and in facilities. Some days, Gregg will be on the computer designing and marketing Maid by Pebble. Other days, he is out joining Pebble with a broom and a brush.